Industry Dynamic

Bamboo flooring will be integrated into the flooring market in the future

Low carbon environmental protection heat! Bamboo flooring will be integrated into the flooring market in the next five years

Recently, the first China (Shanghai) Bamboo Products Expo […]
China's bamboo production is the world's number one

China's bamboo forest area is over 6 million hectares, and the production of bamboo products is the world's number one!

At the 8th China Bamboo Culture Festival held […]
Bamboo mat

Bamboo crafts purchase and maintenance skills!

Most families now have several bamboo products, and […]
Bamboo material

Bamboo has become the new darling of the international green building field!

With the growing shortage of conventional building materials, […]
charcoal fibre.

How is the raw bamboo charcoal fiber made of bamboo fiber towel made?

In addition to fiber elements such as bamboo […]
Bamboo flooring

Nine advantages of bamboo flooring

1. Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis Bamboo has the […]
Bamboo product selection

The selection of bamboo products is very important!

Bamboo products refer to products made from bamboo […]
Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo products

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo products?

Nowadays more and more people advocate green living […]
Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush, as its name suggests, is a […]
Bamboo bag

Bamboo bag, become one of the most sought after bags!

Since its debut in 1947, the bamboo handle […]
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